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1xBet is the top leading betting company among the entire Eastern European territory. Even though not as popular as some gambling companies from Western Europe, in many respects this company is even better than many of the most famous bookmakers from all around the world. For instance, 1xBet is a top bookie as to the variety of different markets, availability of many payment methods, virtual sports and number of casino games, as well as the rest of the gambling services offered in the page, while in Ghana we can chart it as a number one betting page regarding the odds.

1xBet can be the ideal internet betting platform for those of you, who look for a big abundance of different gambling offers. And the best thing is that the other gambling games are not put on a pedestal in a way to slow down the advance of the service our readers are mostly interested in – the sport betting service.

Information and license in Ghana

Established in Russia more than 10 years ago, 1xBet has started working more actively in Ghana during 2017 year. As a matter of fact, the betting company had never made any problems for the Ghanaian punters to register or place on its website before that. However, with recent adjustments of the platform for Ghanaian market, too, the local audience has received many extras like convenient payment methods.

Currently, this international betting operator doesn’t have a Ghanaian website version, though, as the competitor Betway has recently done, by the way, or as 1xBet actually has for the Kenyan market, but all of us can faultlessly participate in the games via the international version.

1xBet has no license from Ghanaian states, but this does not mean the betting house offers its services illegally as it has a license from Curacao e-Gaming. The company’s head main office is already based in the territory of EU, to be more specific, in Cyprus, which might be an addition for you to increase your trust and fair as to all games in the page.

First steps – Registration in 1xBet Ghana

Although in almost any bookmaker the registration is optimized up to one very quick and easy level, no betting house can whip 1xBet Ghana when it comes to the fastness factor in the process for opening an account, especially if taking under consideration some of 1xBet’s registration methods in the page.

We say some of 1xBet’s registration methods as in this gambling platform you can choose between 4 ways that will lead you to the final mission of having a profile in the bookie. Now, we are going to tell you in short about each of these methods. You can check out all of them by clicking on the button called Register where you will see the following 4 tabs:

1xBet Registration with a one click only

The one click registration is an extremely fast method where the necessary time to spend in order to get an official account is limited to several seconds. You don’t even have to select a user name or password via this method as they are randomly created for you through RNG software.

You need to select only 2 things via the drop the down menus – your country and currency to bet with in order to let the platform get to know what deposit methods you should be offered to use when opening an account.

The only weak point in this registration method is that your user name and password are generated via random letters and numbers, which is why they are hard to be remembered. It is necessary for you to remember or save them somewhere on your device. When you decide to you can change your login data with one that is easier to be remembered.

1xBet Registration with telephone number

Similarly to the first registration method, in 1xBet registration with telephone number you have two fields to fill in and one of them is for the currency, but this time the other one isn’t for your country, but for your telephone number. Of course, your residence location gets understood via the telephone number code. In this alternative you will receive your login data via SMS message.

1xBet Registration with e-mail address

This is quite more detailed registration method if comparing it the previous ones and it requires filling in around a whole dozen of fields, including such regarding your personal data like first and last name.

1xBet Registration with social media

Instead of filling in your personal data like in the previous registration method, you can leave this task to be done directly by the software of 1xBet Ghana by connecting your personal account with any account you have in a social web.

Many of you might have a Google + profile so this method can be very easy and convenient for you to register in the page and the big advantages here is that the method lets you login in the system with no filling in either your user name, or password. Instead, you will be authorized via your profile in the social channel.

First steps – 1xBet Deposit

The amazing number of more than 3 dozens of payment methods for instant deposits with 0 commission fees is offered for all punters who have decided to rely on 1xBet Ghana. A big part of these payment methods are international payment systems, which, though, are not so popular in our country yet. Most Ghanaian users use one of the following 1xBet Deposit methods:

  • Airtel Ghana
  • MTN Ghana Cash
  • Tigo Cash
  • Bitcoin
  • Perfect Money
  • Entropay
  • Debit and credit card

When it comes to the local payment methods like MTN Ghana the minimum deposit amount in 1xBet is GHS 4, while in the international payment methods it is a bit lower – GHS 3.50. Although this bookmaker is popular across many places from all around the globe as a bookie with the least deposits, in Ghana there are betting pages that require even lower minimum deposits – like GHS 1 in Betway.

The minimum withdrawal amounts in the bookie are two times bigger – GHS 7. The withdrawals just like the deposits come with no fees and the necessary time for their execution is between 15 minutes and 7 days depending on the payment method you have selected.

First steps – Getting 1xBet Welcome Bonus

You will find zero difficulties in receiving the welcome bonus offered by the betting company as the bonus is automatically calculated with the deposit at once. Thanks to the fact that the bonus is equal to the deposit amount you will practically get twice time more after making the deposit.

However, while you can do everything you wish with your own money, you need to face a couple of requirements as to playing your bonus amount in order to do whatever you want with the bonus amount. Here are the requirements:

  • Bet your bonus amount 5 times
  • The bets should be multiple
  • Each multiple bet should consist at least 3 selections
  • At least 3 of the selections in your multiple bet must be with a minimum odd of 1.40

Other deposit bonuses

There are two more deposit bonuses provided on a weekly basis to the punters from Ghana who have registrations in 1xBet.

We recommend you to make your second and every next deposit in Friday, because it is the day when you will once again receive a bonus amount that is your deposit amount multiplied with 2. This time the bonus should be, though, played only 3 times. The catch is that you’ve got only 24 hours to play the bonus amount while in the original welcome deposit bonus you’ve got 30 times longer period.

And that’s not all – every one of you who have taken benefits of the Friday offer can get a 100% deposit bonus the next Wednesday.

Other sport bonuses

You will constantly see lots of games and promotions with lots of prizes – bonuses and material prizes – in 1xBet Ghana and the offers are spread in a big range of the sport types available in the bookie. A big part of these offers are directed to concrete matches or big sport event, but there are also several permanent offers like the daily accumulator of the day or the bonus for the long losing series, as well as the gift that is promised for every birthday player.

How to place bets in 1xBet Ghana via a smartphone?

As a bookie that attempts to make a breakthrough in the Ghanaian market, as well as in the markets from all the other big countries in Africa, it is not surprising that that it offers a fine high quality application – 1xBet Mobile – which by the way, includes 1xBet Apps for Ghana, too.

Here are the 1xBet apps for Ghana:

  • 1xBet Android app for all gambling games, excluding poker
  • 1xBet iOS app for all gambling games, excluding poker
  • 1xBet 1x-Browser app via which you can visit not only the Russian bookie’s website, but also all the other websites from all around the globe!
  • 1xBet Poker Android app
  • 1xBet Poker iOS app

Regardless whether you any of the apps, or you will use the integrated browser in your mobile device for an access to the bookie’s page, betting activity is always identic – via the bet slip. The difference is that the bet slop doesn’t appear opened on the screen as it is in the desktop version, but you will soon get used to close and open it via the mobile systems.

100% of the sport markets and functions are covered by 1xBet Mobile, have no doubts in this. However, a few sections of the website can be played and used only via the desktop version. Read the text till the end and you will find out where and what you can get offered.

What should you know about sport betting in 1xBet Ghana?

Betting options, odds and sport disciplines

The Russian betting operator is popular for its unusual long list of betting options available for the listed events. For instance, in football matches from any big championship we can see more than 1 200 different things you can make a prediction for and with real money. As a sponsor to Series A, 1xBet provides all Italian soccer fans even a larger choice to choose from as the betting options here are even more than 1 400.

It is not unusual for this bookie to offer unique markets that are mirage for the punters registered in the other betting platforms. Naturally, alongside with these unusual markets you will find all the other markets that through the years have succeeded in becoming top markets. As to the bets for football events from the African championships, the betting website usually offers us between 50 and 150 (or even 200) different bet types.

There’s no doubt that 1xBet is a bookie number in Ghana as to the markets that are related with concrete sport events while those of you who prefer long-term bets – the final champion in a league or the goal scorer in a tournament, which the next coach of a certain team will be and etc – can get even more options to choose from.

The European betting operator cannot be defeated in Ghana as to its odds, too. We find a profit margin at an amount of only 1.5-2% for the football events and nearly 3-6% for the other popular sport types like tennis, hockey, basketball, boxing, rugby and cricket.

Even though with a bit lower odds, in this betting page we also find bets for nearly 40-50 more sport disciplines. For many of them we can say that they are unique as any other Ghanaian betting platform doesn’t offer them at all.

1xBet Live Betting

Almost all the time the number of the live bets is connected to the number of the pre-match bets and thanks to its record-breaking large pre-match program 1xBet Ghana has also the biggest live section where often we see a 4-digit number of sport events at once. We should mark, though, that a part of these matches are live virtual sport contests, but even if not including them in the total number the events from the real world are few hundreds within the key sport hours of the day.

1xBet Ghana Live betting offers us the full set of extras for its live events, including following the changes of the odds, stats for the shape of each team and live stats, while for most of the events from Europe we are also providing with live streaming service.

1xBet Cash Out

Selling a bet in 1xBet or Cash Out – as this option is usually known by this name in our country, but also in the whole world, is one of the additional possibility punters have when they want to control their account balances.

As the name says it, this function allows you to sell your bet slip at a certain amount of money that is generated automatically by the software built in the page and based on the current odds.

We have one significant critic as to 1xBet’s cash out function, though – we still have no chance to preliminarily be aware whether cash out is going to be available for a certain bet and event and this is how we cannot make preliminary strategies and plans. Yet, when you place bets on sport events from the highest class or level, you can be 99% sure that you will get the chance to eventually sell your bet later, if you want to. You can practically find out if you can sell your bet for a certain event via this path – “Bet Slip“ -> “My Bets“ – but you should follow it once the bet is confirmed.

What should you know about 1xBet Ghana Virtual?

1xBet Virtual is the other chance you have to place bets in this page and the difference with the betting activity we have already described you in the article is that here the games progress in correspondence to a computer animated simulator. You might now think that betting on real events and on virtual contests are completely two different things and we cannot compare them as to the quality of the experience. Hence, be aware that with the advance of the newest computer technologies the graphics of the virtual sports becomes better and better. Moreover – it gets closer and closer to the reality.

The virtual sports in 1xBet Ghana include some company’s own private productions, but also games that are made by reputable third parties or developers like Global Bet and Golden Race.

We, though, strongly recommend you to at first test betting via the category called Live, but not the virtual sports in the homonymous section, because the games from the Live category use the gameplays and the graphics provided by the best sport computer games like Fifa 19, which means we will receive 100% amazing customer experience. The virtual bets in the Live category are spread even in matches from digital games that have nothing to do with sport. For instance, here you can bet on the final outcome in games like Counter Strike, League of Legends, Dota and many more.

What should you know about 1xBet Ghana Casino?

1xBetCasino is not just the biggest casino in Ghana, but also the biggest casino among the entire betting industry. And even though the total number of games here exceeds 4 000, the betting company doesn’t stop working on new products by improving the casino service with more and more games offered by new third parties and developers that have already shown their potential.

Currently at the moment we are writing this review, there are 75 developers listed in the casino assortment offered by 1xBet Slots section, while the games of 20 more companies can be found in the section called 1xBet Live Casino. In the live casino zone there are also tables that are made and supported personally by the Russian bookie.

The top significant things you should be aware as to 1xBet’s casino service is that nearly 80-90% of the games here can be played via mobile devices and about the same % of the Slots games are available in free demo mode. The other important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t mix the main category name – Slots – with all 1xBet’s slot games as in Slots there are other types of casino games, too.

1xBet Ghana Casino Bonuses

Lots of the developers this betting house works with have their own promotions that are also available for 1xBet’s punters and besides the bookie has its own temporary and constant promotions, including the all year round VIP Cash back. The VIP Cash Back lets you join the loyalty program with levels in total. Each next level you reach guarantees you bigger cash back and many additional privileges.

On the highest level of the cash back program the cash back is not calculated over the lost casino bet, but over absolutely all the bets you have placed in the casino section.

What should you know about 1xBet Ghana Poker?

1xBet Poker service is something we wouldn’t recommend to the European consumers as in Europe there quite better online casino rooms, but considering the small number of poker rooms in Ghana, 1xBet’s is totally one good decision for the local audience.

Unfortunately, the best things about 1xBet Poker – the freerolls – can be played only via a computer. Wondering why? It’s because the poker service in this gambling operator is divided into two parts or two rooms and only one of the rooms is supported with an app for mobile devices, while the freeroll tournaments is provided only in the room compatible to desktop devices.

In the poker room that offers apps for Androids and iOS there are tables with cash game and Sit and Go formats and the lowest bets are at an amount of 1-2 USD. All of the games in this poker room are types of Texas Hold Em poker.

What should we know about 1xBet Ghana Jackpot?

The quickest profits are waiting for you in 1xBetToto category where only within several minutes a punter can win more than GHS 5 000 000 000.

1xBet’s jackpot games are oriented in the following sport types:

  • Football – there are 4 games and in 3 of them your goal is to predict the final outcome, while in the last one – the correct scores.
  • FIFA (digital game) – here what you should predict is the final outcome in computer-stimulated matches from the most popular digital game in the world – FIFA
  • Ice hockey (correct score)
  • Basketball (winner + number of points)

How to reach 1xBet Ghana?

In 1xBet Ghana we find high quality customer support service in English. It is available via live chat, e-mail communication, telephone calls, social webs, apps like WhatsApp and other channels.

Open the category called Contacts and you will see details for each of these different ways to get in touch with 1xBet. However, you can be from now confident that 1xBet’s customer support service is never going to be a problem for you.

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