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R10 free bet in Betway

Betway is a betting house that’s quite more experienced than the rest online platforms for sport bets located in South Africa.

It’s been active for nearly 15 years and it was established back in 2006 year. The betting company is from Europe, registered in Malta, but has a specially tailored permission to legally operate in South Africa thanks to Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

By only taking under consideration the fact that the company has obtained global and local licenses, as well as having a massive audience formed of more than 2 million of people from all over the world, makes it clear that it has no problems with reliability. Here’s one more factor to claim Betway is quite trustworthy – there are many big European and African sports clubs, as well as sport federations that have decided to partner with the operator.

As a matter of fact, the betting house partners with the well-known football team from English Premium league, West Ham, as well as with the semi-finalists in the Championship league from 2017/2018 season Rome and the traditional Spanish teams Alaves and Levante.

One of Betway’s biggest benefits is that this bookie was designed to serve the ordinary players. It’s not necessary to have an IT diploma in order to be able to use the website and you don’t have to be a rich guy to afford placing bets here. This gambling operator’s website is one of the easiest ones to get used to, while the minimum deposit requirement here is only R 10 and this amount is completely enough to place minimum two bets.

The affordable playing conditions are guaranteed by the most generous deposit bonus the bookie offers in the whole world – it’s 125% deposit bonus.

While according to this factor, the punters from South Africa are flavored, in other aspects we are quite neglected – Betway’s license does not cover all the available products from the international platform version the company usually offers. This is why while the customers from many other African countries can, for instance, play casino games and place bets on virtual sports and jackpot games, in the website for South Africa you can only place sport bets, participate in a game with predictions, take the benefits of the live bets, the bets with numbers (lotteries) and try some gambling live games.

Popular sport types in Betway

In Betway you can practically place bets on any sport type, but the majority of the markets are focused on football world, where the top championships like the Championship League and Liga Europe are only few of the top priority events as right after them hundreds of championships from any continent follows. The betting operator, indeed, provides its best offers for football. Plus – football has the widest market coverage. Among the football markets we can see literally any type of an option for a bet – bet for scores, first and second half times, corners, cards, combo bets and many more.

The betting company team is completely aware that rugby is quite popular sport type, which is why in Betway you will find lots of bets for rugby events, too. Rugby Championship, NRL, RFL challenge Cup, World Cup and The Six Nations are only few of the leagues the betting house accepts bets for, while the bet types are basically Handicap, Under / Over, Even / Uneven, bets for the half times, combo bets like First Half Time with Total final score.

Besides those thousands of different events from European sport world, the betting house also provides lots of elite events from America sport world like NBA, NFL and NHL.

The cricket bets, as well as bets on boxing and snooker are also very popular in this betting house’s program, but they are not as often as those from the European audience’s top favorite sports like tennis and basketball.

By all means, we can say that Betway has one weak point and it’s the lack of any horse racing events, but considering it’s a general sport betting website, the company does a great job when it comes to a variety of sport types and matches.

Live betting

Betway also supports one quite decent selection of live matches in its sport program that includes the same types of sport disciplines we have discussed above. The distribution of the activity is quite the same, so we cannot claim that any of the sport types has better pre-match bets, but poor live bets or the vice versa.

There’s something quite special and significant when it comes to live sport betting activity and especially if comparing it to the standard pre-match betting, and it’s the available pack of special tools. They help us choose a bet faster and what is even more important, they help us analyze the game faster and more successfully, which matters a lot of the speedy live betting experience. In Betway we find the following additional live betting tools:

  • Tracing back the entire game second by second – within each second of the event you know what happens on the field
  • Stats – you can always know whether the host, or the guest performs better thanks to a big group of factors
  • Fast bet – it’s an automatic tool for entering the bet amount depending on the amount you placed the previous time you made a live bet
  • Cash out – this option is available for early close of the bet with a very fast calculation of your profit

Registration in Betway South Africa

Everyone, who finishes the registration process in Betway South Africa becomes able to use the entire company’s service portfolio, including to place bets.

To get an access to all of these options, go the betting operator’s website and open Sigh Up. Then fill in the information you need to create an account – password and personal details.

The bookmaker will send you SMS and e-mail message to confirm your account, but in these messages there are no verification codes. The betting house opens your account once you end the process with personal data filling.

FICA verification

In 2001 year a new law against money laundry has been put into force in South Africa. This law obliged many institutions, including bookmakers, to take preventive measures. The FICA verification is one of them and it aims to prevent punters from misrepresenting tax fee information. Betway fully observes this law, which is why you will be asked to make an additional account verification by providing a copy of your ID. As a matter of fact, many other countries from all over the world require from betting houses such verification, although most African regions don’t have such a procedure. Regardless of the fact it’s a bit boring the process is actually useful as it keeps our money at safe place.

When you register in Betway on your screen you will always see a reminding notification about the necessity of this procedure until you pass the FICA verification. It’s not on mandatory, though, to send your ID once you register on the page, but the problem is that you have no right to deposit any money on the platform until you verify the account, which means you will not be able to place bets, either. The reminding notification can be declined with the button called Upload later to postpone this obligation of yours and when you decide to do what you have to do, please, press the button Upload Now.

Now, you will find out what types of documents you are required to send. There are a couple of options you can take benefits of, but the truth is that the easiest thing is to photograph your ID.

Then, you should make images of both ID sides. You can either send it directly through the page you have opened when deciding to make FICA verification, or to enter your e-mail box and send them to this e-mail address:

Usually, it takes one (maximum up to two days) for the company to revise your documents and to send you a confirmation mail (or information why your document does not meet FICA verficiation requirements).

Deposit in Betway South Africa

You have an account and you have already verified it? Now what’s next? Well, of course, the next thing you should do is to fund your account. Just follow the button My Account and you will see the page for this procedure.

If you want to deposit with a debit or credit card, you should select this option and them, you will see your personal details filled in – the way you have filled them in during the registration process – so what is left for you to do is to fill in the deposit amount below the personal data. Right after that you should press the button Proceed. Then, you can enter your bank card details. Last, but not least, press the button Next and soon you will get notification that the transfer has been made successfully.

If you, on the other side, prefer to make a deposit via SID Infant EFT, note that the procedure is basically the same till the moment with Proceed button pressing. In this payment method, though, you will be transferred to the payment system page where you have to login in your account and claim your payment. The financial transaction will be confirmed with a PIN code you will be sent via SMS message.

Betway mobile

One of the best mobile apps for sport betting in the world is Betway’s app. The intuitive software, the stability and the compatibility to different platforms makes this product a real dream come truth for the gambling audience.

You can literally use any smart mobile device to enter the Maltese betting house’s website, but note that not all types of devices are compatible to Betway’s app. If you have a device that runs on a different than Android or iOS mobile operating system, there’s only one option for you to place bets in this platform and it’s the mobile browser website version (in other words, you should just enter the bookie’s address in your mobile device browser).

The rest punters, on the other side, can download the installation file for Android or iOS app and to take the benefits of notifications related with your betting activity. For instance, when you place a bet for Liverpool to win in a match from the next English premium phase, you will receive notifications when a score or any other important event from the game takes place. The additional extra from the application is that you will consume less mobile data with it and that’s how you will save more internet traffic to browse the internet for anything you like to.

What other types of bets can I see in Betway?

As it has already become clear, some of the betting house’s key services are still not available for the market in South Africa, but there are, though, things you can try to diversify your betting activity when you don’t want to place sport bets.

Our readers, for instance, claim that the games in Betgames section are very interesting and cool. There’s nothing special in these games, by the way. The games are the well-known Wheel and Lucky 5 / 6 / 7, but the way they are presented is very special as each drawing comes with live streaming. Except for making things more exciting, this option convinces punters that everything is 100% fair play.

We don’t want to miss the chance to mention the section with the lucky numbers, either, as here you can participate in some of the biggest lotteries from America, Europe and other regions in the world, as well as to place a bet on a lottery and wait for the drawing session and follow it in real time.


  • 125% deposit bonus up to R 1 000
  • Accumulated bonus
  • Bonuses in case of big lost bets


One of the best (if being careful and not telling the best as it deserves it, as a matter of fact) betting website you can meet in South Africa is Betway, itself. The experience in this European bookmaker is totally first-class and one of this operator’s hugest benefits is being always up to date to the latest gambling trends. Same goes for the punter’s everyday betting activity – customers can follow the sport events in real time, as well as to see the changes in the stats when being in the live section or to see a drawing session live in Betgames section. In addition to these, you can even contact the company’s customer support team in a live chat and ask your question, then get an answer fast and in real time.

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