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mCHEZAis a bookmaker that’s quite unknown in the world betting community or at least it’s not as popular as the rest betting websites we present you in our website, but at the expense of this, it’s famous across the Kenyan betting audience. The betting house was established in Kenya and it has been designed with the main focus on our local customers, which is definitely one general strong point that brings lots of benefits. However, we should also mention that the bookie is quite left behind by the big leaders in the spheres in many criteria. Hence, regarding all of these you will find out in details in this specially tailored mCHEZA review.

Mobile betting

The betting house made an experiment back in 2018 by releasing a betting app. However, with this experiment the gambling company made a conclusion that it’s wasn’t yet ready for this huge step to make and slowed the project down as it did not provided a normal and faultless betting experiment.

Currently on this stage of progress, the betting house provides only a mobile browser version for mobile bets. It’s important to mention that the experience in this platform is bug-free, but it’s, though, limited in other aspect of mCHEZA Kenya portfolio – the virtual sports betting service.

SMS betting

mCHEZA Kenya has started its activity as a betting operator that offers SMS betting activity to the audience and these days it’s still available, although being an extra, but the main option for gambling.

It’s no longer possible to make a registration through SMS, but it’s still possible to place bets, as well as to use some of the company’s rest services like the chance to change your password, for instance.

Right at the bottom of the website there’s a link “How to Play via SMS” from where you can see all the details and mainly – the codes – you should use for different actions. We strongly recommend you to copy these codes on your mobile phone in order to always have them at hand, especially when you don’t have any internet connection to access.

Bets on upcoming events

Our final rating on this betting house’s pre-match bets or the so called bets on upcoming events is fantastic as many of the world bookies with millions of active customers don’t offer as many options as mCHEZA offers. To be more specific, the bookmaker provides more than 1 700 matches, more than 50 sport disciplines and up to 300+ selections per single event.

Which are the top interesting bets you can place in mCHEZA Kenya?

  • The next permanent club for a player after the summer transfer session
  • The winner in a championship excluding certain teams (for instance, a bet that the winner in the Premium league will be any team except for Manchester City and Liverpool)
  • Half time with more scores
  • Result up to the 30th minute of the event
  • Correct number of total scores


You might have a bipolar opinion regarding the odds in mCHEZA. It depends on the market you choose. At one hand, the Kenyan betting platform has competitors to fight when it comes to the best odds for the championships that are among the top interesting events like the Championship league, Liga Europe and some other tournament from the biggest national championships. However, on the other hand, for all the rest events the company provides some of the lowest odds in the market and they are literally impossible to bring actual profits in long-term betting activity.

Bets on live events

The live bets are accessible in mCHEZA. Moreover – they are with a quite big range, but the problem with the low for all the events that are out of the list with the top leagues, is available. This bookie’s in-play betting section is convenient and offers different options for individual view. For instance, you can customize the sidebar in a way to see some important details for several matches at one screen only.

Live streaming

mCHEZA Kenya truly surprises us with the fact that at the background of so many lacks and weak points in its platform, there’s a service which is basically available mostly in the “perfect bookies”. We are talking about the live streaming service for sport events and this betting house broadcasts in real time some huge sport events like the matches from ATP and WTA tournaments and the elite American leagues like MLB. Of course, mCHEZA live streaming has nothing to do with the live streaming we use in the top bookies nowadays, where annually 100-200 thousands of events are available for watching in real time. However, we cannot underestimate mCHEZA’s attempt to provide something really interesting for the audience, no doubts.

Can I close a bet in mCHEZA Kenya?

Yes, in mCHEZA you can take the benefits of such an option. Indeed, the bookmaker is part of those numerous bookies where placing the bet slip is not the last chance to somehow interfere on the final outcome of the bets. In other words, Cash out is a function that allows you at any time to decide whether to close your bet and get the profit available at a certain moment, or wait for the end of the event.


The registration process in this bookie is now available only via internet. You have to click on the button called Register. Then, you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number and within the two fields you should type in your password.


It’s important to mention you in this review that the services in mCHEZA Kenya can be used ony by punters who use the service Lipan na M-PESA. 295525 is the Paybill number you should use to make a deposit.

Deposit bonus

There’s no such a bonus here. mCHEZA offers only one bonus. It’s a multibet bonus and it’s the single gesture the company makes to the audience. By all means, the betting house should integrate at least first deposit bonus, if desires to be competitive on the market.


What should I do if I forget my password?
The easiest way to get a new password is by sending SMS message with text PASSWORD to this phone number: 29888, but you can also use the website to ask for a new password, too.
Can I place if I don’t use M-PESA?
Since the betting company doesn’t offer any other deposit methods, currently at this stage it’s impossible to gamble in the platform if you are not able to deposit through this payment method. You can, though, still make a registration in M-PESA, while with no deposit you cannot place a bet.
Why mCHEZA is it worth it to be tested?
mCHEZA is preferred by many Kenyans that aim to support the local gambling company, but apart from this advantage there aren’t many benefits we can appreciate the bookie for especially when comparing it to other local operators. One of this gambling house’s top strong points is the number of available sport bets, but it’s quite pointless on the background of the odds, which are critically low. Hence, if the odds don’t matter for you that much and you aim only to have fun, in this betting website you will be surprised by many terrific bets on upcoming and live events, while in the live section you will be offered with quite interesting extra functions.
Why is it necessary to register to become eligible to place bets in mCHEZA Kenya?
The registration is a kind of agreement with the betting house’s terms and conditions and no online betting website will allow you to place bets without registering on its platform, although this is possible in all offline bookies