Online betting sites in South Africa

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When placing bets on sport through internet, punters should entrust their investments to a bookmaker, which is why the bookmaker’s reputation is something you shouldn’t make compromises, when looking for a gambling platform. Meanwhile, no matter how trustworthy one bookie is, if it does not offer any bonuses, but low odds, you will still lose money.

Since internet became accessible almost to anybody, it has become easier not only to place bets online, but also to check out any bookie’s rating and quality. You can just check out different reviews of any betting operator available in the net, but we guarantee you that our reviews are 100% professional and objective. Plus – they can help you in your mission to find the most suitable place for your bets.

The significant facts about online bookmakers in South Africa

What is FICA and why should we go pass it?

All licensed betting operators in South Africa are obliged to require from their customers FICA account verification. It’s a measure of security that has been declared as a must in the national laws and according to it, you cannot gamble without the profile identification.

As a matter of fact, this necessity doesn’t come from the gambling laws – it’s a measure of security that was introduced back in 2001 year and aims to limit the different financial crimes, such as money laundry.

To verify your account, any bookie’s employees will ask you to send them different documents such as ID and document that proves your residential address. You can learn more details about the requirements per each document in any bookie’s review.

It’s, at one hand, one boring necessity, but on the other – passing the FICA verification makes your account more protected than ever. Since the very first beginning it becomes clear who owns the account and no one can hack it or pretend an ownership.

Here’s one more benefit of account verification – some betting houses provide modest bonuses for complete FICA verification (usually these bonuses are at an amount of R 100).

>>> The registration bonus is suspended for South Africa

What are the other bonuses offered by the bookmakers?

The bonuses are naturally not the same in all bookies. Moreover – some betting websites don’t even have any bonus systems. However, at least in the bookmakers we present in this website, we can guarantee you there are registration or first deposit bonuses.

For instance, a 100% bonus will increase x2 your first deposit on the page and thus, the larger your initial investment in a betting house is, the bigger the bonus becomes. Some bookies even offer larger than 100% first deposit bonuses.

There’s one more very popular promotion in South Africa and it’s the promo for multiple bets. According to this special offer the bookmaker provides an additional prize to the regular profit in case of successful accumulated bets with many selections. In this promotion there’s a progressive element, too – by increasing the total number of your selections, the percentage of the additional prize also increases.

Among the rest bonuses, which you will find in different betting operators, we also see the compensatory bonus for serious losses in a punter’s betting activity, as well as a refer-a-friend bonus, 100% cash back of the loss in an accumulated bet with one single lost match, lotteries and promotions that are linked with certain matches.