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Zambian Lotto offers a quite more different way to earn some cash in comparison to the rest gambling websites you see on your portal – such as Betway and 1xBet, for instance. While the other betting operators mostly count on sport betting activity (although they do offer some lottery or Tote games, too), Zambian Lotto provides only lottery games, but nothing else.

The official Zambian national lottery has possessed a license for our country for more than 10 years. It was established back in June 2007 year (the first bets, though, were accepted during the next year). The company’s motto is about being one modern lottery platform. For this purpose the lottery provider strictly follows even the highest international standards in transparency and fair play game. A good proof for this motto is the company’s collaboration with the World Lottery Association.

How to buy a ticket for a lottery in Zambian Lotto?

This modern lottery provides nearly 400 vending machines in our country and uses GPRS technology to secure the connection between each of the automats and the company’s head main office. You can buy a ticket through each of the machines and thanks to GPRS technology the ticket will be automatically and instantly tracked by the system.

In addition to these, the company also provides the one and only possibility to become a Reseller and every one of you can take the benefits of this chance. If you become a Reseller you will actually re-sell the company’s lottery tickets. If you like the idea, all you have to do is to fill in one form and to apply in the lottery provider’s website. This form requires from you to type your two names, your e-mail address, as well as you telephone number. Then, you can expect a message or a phone call made by any of the lottery operator’s providers within a couple of days. The purpose of this contact is to discuss the details and the requirements regarding your plan to become Zambian Lotto reseller.

And there’s something else we should mention – thanks to the collaboration between Zambian Lotto and MTN, you can buy a ticket for the lottery directly through your mobile phone. Here’s how to do this step by step:

  • 1. As a start, make sure you have at least 5 kwacha in your MTN Money account balance.
  • 2. Dial *303#.
  • 3. Choose Zambian Lotto
  • 4. Confirm you are of a legal age in order to become eligible to participate in gambling games – in other words you are at least 18 years old
  • 5. Enter your selected numbers you want to participate in the lottery (more details as to what these numbers should be and how many they should be you can read below). If you don’t have your own lucky numbers and you prefer to participate in the lottery with a randomly formed choice, use the option Quick Pick.
  • 6. Send the numbers and confirm your selection
  • 7. Wait till you receive a message where the detailed information regarding your ticket, including the date of the drawing, the ticket number, the drawing session and the specific numbers you participate with, is sent to you.

What exactly the Zambian Lotto game is?

In short, the basic things you should know about this lottery are the following:

  • 5 kwacha is the ticket price
  • In each drawing session 6 numbers from 42 are drawn
  • In other words, when you fill in your ticket, you should select 6 numbers from 1 to 42
  • There are three drawing sessions per week – the first one is on Tuesday, the second one is on Thursday, while the last one – on Saturday.
  • ZNBC TV streams each drawing in real time
  • You will not receive any profits only in case you did not predict correctly even a single number or you have predicted correctly only 1 or 2 numbers
  • In case you have predicted at least 3 numbers correctly you get a guaranteed profit starting from 30 kwacha
  • The big prize is given in case you predict the 6 numbers correctly (or you split the big prize with those who have predicted the 6 numbers correctly, too) is at a minimum amount of 2 million of kwacha, but usually it actually reaches up to 10 million of kwacha.

Website and mobile version – app

The local lottery company Zambian Lotto has a website which in general includes the information you see in this website – information regarding the results in each drawing, information as to the terms and conditions of the game, as well as some basic company information.

This website is not similar to the websites that serve the sport betting platforms where the bet slips are filled in, sent and paid directly through the platform website. You only receive information about the games in Zambian Lotto website, but cannot use it to join a drawing session.

As to the mobile website version, it is a slightly modified version of the company’s official desktop website and does not contain anything more or less.